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Domino Presley

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Domino Presley's Biography :

The Original Unicorn" Domino Presley is an award winning transsexual model from Atlanta with a ton of class and a perfect ass! The multi-color hair styles and black band t-shirts of her punk rock youth have been replaced by glamorous gemstones and the finest gowns, but Domino has kept the no-nonsense attitude and self-confidence that was built in mosh pits. Thanks to her fabulous tastes and ferocity, Domino Presley is now known as "Your Highness," so bend the knee to this queen of the screen! Before making her porn debut, Domino worked as a performer in Atlanta's underground drag scene. Her friends would record her various performances, and began to put them on YouTube for fun. Unsurprisingly to those familiar with her entertaining personality, Domino developed a rather substantial online following, as fans flocked to witness her sultry dance moves. Soon after, Domino placed in the Top 10 and won the title of Most Beautiful at her first national pageant. From the stage to the sound studio, Domino got into the porn game and, like all her other endeavors, started to dominate the scene almost immediately. Domino has been nominated for over a dozen awards, and has won the Tranny Award for "Shemale Yum Model of the Year." One thing that Domino wants to drive home is that "she's not a dude with tits, she's a chick with a dick," and this chick is one fabulously regal unicorn!"

Scenes with Domino Presley

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