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Aubrey Kate's Biography :

Aubrey Kate was on her school hip hop and cheer squads, and she brings the same pep to every one of her sizzling scenes. Bolstered by her beautiful looks and bold personality, Aubrey Kate is the first transsexual performer to win Performer of the Year at all three of the adult industry's major award shows. Described by her peers as outgoing, fearless, and daring, Aubrey has made a career out of pushing boundaries, and looking sexy as hell while doing it! Whether she's rocking pigtails and pompoms or hightops and sweats, Aubrey commands respect when she enters a room. A hardworking, completely dedicated performer, Aubrey takes porn so seriously because she's always watched it herself! Now that she has won multiple awards, instead of going the lazy route she's been inspired to work even harder. About the awards, Aubrey has stated: I think it is so awesome. Not only is this something I love to do, it's awesome to be good at it and be acknowledged for my hard work!" Because she appreciates that without her fans, she wouldn't get to live the life of her dreams, Aubrey is very active on social media. A self proclaimed "social media addict," Aubrey loves to show off her great tits and thick cock to all of her fans on social media. The blonde bombshell is hoping one day to fulfill her ultimate fantasy live on social media: a TS gangbang on a NASCAR race track with a full crowd to watch! A lofty dream, but until she realizes it, check out some of her other work right here at Wicked!"

Scenes with Aubrey Kate

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