Alexis Fawx

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Alexis Fawx's Biography :

When it comes to homegrown cougars with big fake titties and award-winning smiles, Alexis Fawx is a top contender for America's next top MILF. Born and raised in Philly, and now residing in sunny Miami, Alexis combines the best of both worlds where edgy street smarts meet glamorous all-American charm. In other words, she's everything you've ever wanted and more! Born in 1975 and getting into porn at the age of 35, Alexis waited a long time before finally cashing in on her lifelong dream of becoming a pornstar. Not to fret, because every year Alexis spent off camera was another year spent mastering the art of carnal gymnastics. Now capable of sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch, Alexis has evolved into one of the hardest pounding MILFs to ever swing by Wicked Pictures. Proving that the finer things in life get better with age, Alexis takes command of every scene and is never afraid to show her teen protégés who's boss! Now having shot nearly 50 wild scenes, with enough creampies to open up her own X-rated bakery, Alexis is pumping out smut like she's still in her early twenties. So catch this babe while you still have a chance, because she's sure to provide some of the hottest MILF action you're likely to see for some time!

Scenes with Alexis Fawx

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