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Kudos to the Russians, because if there's one thing they got right, it's their latest crop of premium quality pornstars. Take Candy Alexa, the sultry starlet who's fucked her way from Moscow to LA. Hopping aboard the smut train in 2008, porn fanatics took immediate notice of Candy's succulent lips and her big natural tits! Weighing in at a colossal 30E, Candy's big ol' titties are some of finest jugs in porn today. Having now filmed over 50 mesmerizing smut scenes, Candy has been officially ordained into the porno big leagues. Shooting for Wicked, Candy is about to get dominated by the stiffest rods in the world and fulfill all of her anal fantasies. Only at home when she's surrounded by big hard dicks, Candy is soaring right to the top of Wicked's to-do list. Changing her hairstyle every month, Candy has gone from platinum blonde to jet black and everything in between. Although her up-do is always changing, her down-do always stays the same: smooth, bald, and freshly shaved. Keeping her body in tip top shape, Candy gives herself the royal treatment every day, pampering herself with the most luxurious of accessories, and spoiling herself like the Czar's own fuck-doll. And Lucky for us, the Czar's long gone!

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