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Whether she's testing her own limits in a wild bondage scene, or enjoying group sex with a half-dozen hung male performers, Chanel makes every scene look easy and fun. She says she can take anything you can throw at her, and once you see this brunette bombshell in action, you'll believe it! In 2010, Chanel shot her first feature Hooked" for Wicked, and says it was a very exciting experience. What's the secret to Chanel's staying power in the industry? Taking pleasure in the work, she says, I just enjoy what I do. I love being sexual on film and creating an erotic environment. When you love what you do it comes out in your performances. Chanel was recognized in 2014 with the AVN Award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene for her balls-to-the-wall sex scenes. She can put that award on the shelf with the dozen other trophies she's received from every top industry magazine! You can trace the seeds of Chanel's adult career all the way back to her defying convention and trying out for the boys' wrestling team in her Alaska high school. Despite the coaches' arguments, she persisted and proved herself a worthy adversary to any guy she grappled on the mats. Chanel's fearless approach to life served her very well when she decided to make the leap from exotic dancing in gentlemen's clubs to stripping down in front of the camera. With her stunning curves and easygoing charisma, Chanel discovered she was a natural performer, and offers to shoot flooded in. And best of all for a lifelong video-gamer and admitted geek, Chanel's had the chance to embody so many cherished fantasies: Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and, the role she was born to play, womb-raiding Lara Croft!"

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