Tera Heart

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Tera Heart's Biography :

This anal nymphette first broke into the business in 1990, but retired after making only a few videos. Lucky for us she rejoined the ranks of porn sluts in 1994 and got back to work. Tera is known for her hot performances and insatiable appetite for anal sex. One of her most notable performances to date can be seen in Anal Maniacs #1, where her spirited sexuality sizzles! Tera also posesses a fair amount of acting ability, which earned her a starring role in Wicked Pictures big 1994 release Western Nights. The feature was nominated for a total of 6 1995 AVN awards. Her acting talents were also noted by veteran director Michael Zen, who slated a spot for her in Blue Movie, which won him awards including Best Director and Best Film honors at the 1996 AVN awards.

Scenes with Tera Heart

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