jessica's FANtasies

A first ever Wicked web exclusive docu-series created and directed by jessica drake. In this participation-based project, fans will have the chance to vote for what they would like to see, and who they would like to see jessica with. Members will ultimately get an intimate 4k behind the scenes look at jessica's personality and passion!

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Date added: 2020-08-28 Views: 5320 Comments: 6 Rating:
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Starring jessica drake
Date added: 2020-06-26 Views: 3094 Comments: 10 Rating:
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Starring jessica drake
In this third episode of jessica's FANtasies, I asked if you wanted to see me be a good girl or a bad girl and the results were overwhelmingly: bad girl! So that is what I'm bringing you today! Thank you for your patience and for all of your messages. I've really missed shooting for your during this shutdown so welcome to my one woman show! I've upped my equipment game and am getting wet just thinking about you pulling out your cocks and beginning to stroke them. I want to see that cock getting harder while I touch my aching body. Mmm. Do you like what you see? I bet you want to cum all over my face, don't you?
Date added: 2020-04-03 Views: 3915 Comments: 6 Rating:
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Date added: 2020-02-14 Views: 8744 Comments: 35 Rating:
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In this first episode of jessica's FANtasies, you voted on Tyler Nixon! We kiss passionately on a gorgeous white bed. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other as our passion deepened. Tyler DEVOURED my pussy. Things get even hotter when I begged him to fuck me slowly, just the way I like it. I thought I was going to have to teach my younger lover a thing or two, but chemistry cannot be taught, and Tyler shot his load all over me as I stroked him off. I licked his cum off my fingers and tasted my younger lover while cum dropped down my face.